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Anything that NetApp can do in terms of functionality, Net2Vault can do. Net2Vault cloud services are specifically designed to be an offsite extension of your existing NetApp architecture. Below are a few questions we think you'll most want answers to now. Please call us with anything else you'd like to discuss.


At Net2Vault, we realize that even the best technology in the world is useless to our customers unless it is backed by dependable support. We support you throughout the process, from architecture to installation and testing. Our highly skilled engineers have decades of experience working in NetApp environments. If you have a question or an issue, our team is qualified to respond.  


A. For replication, we use NetApp SnapMirror and/or SnapVault depending on the customer requirements. We only replicate incremental changed blocks which are often de-duplicated and compressed before being replicated, which is more efficient and cost effective.
A. No. Net2Vault exclusively uses native NetApp hardware and software. Customers leverage and extend the value of their existing NetApp investments and eliminate the need to purchase new equipment and learn new skill sets.
A. If requested, Net2Vault can set up a reverse NFS mount so you can browse your backups and recover a full volume or a single file. You have full visibility to your data.
A: Pricing is based only on the GBs replicated and disk type required. Net2Vault does not charge for other variables such as bandwidth, backups, or restores.
A. At time of test or disaster, Net2Vault creates a NetApp FlexClone of the mirrored data to present to the DR servers. Those volumes can be shares that are presented via CIFS or NFS or LUNs which are presented via ISCSI.
A. It depends. Contact us to discuss fiber channel in your environment.
A. Net2Vault supports Data ONTAP 7 mode and cluster mode, versions 7.x and 8.x. Within cluster mode there are a few exceptions due to OS limitations.
A. Net2Vault supports the replication of virtualized datastores presented via NFS or via LUNs. We replicate the entire data store containing the VMs.
A. In order to provide a proposal, we only require the amount of data you need to protect. We will ask that you run a few standard NetApp command line reports on your daily change rate on data, volumes, and Snapshot information. We can usually turn around a proposal in a day for backup and a couple days for backup and DR depending on the complexity of your DR requirements.


Net2Vault is a cloud service provider delivering enterprise-level solutions to NetApp customers through native replication. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we offer Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Tier 4 services to customers across North America. Our goal is to provide a simple, cost effective solution customizable for any NetApp environment.


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