Why Choose NetApp® & Net2Vault Backup & DR Services



Net2Vault offers offsite backup and disaster recovery services exclusively to customers using NetApp for their local backup. We do this because we believe in the superiority of NetApp storage products, and by not having to try to offer something for everyone, we can offer unmatched technical expertise and customer service in this specific arena. When you choose Net2Vault, you get decades of NetApp engineering focused on your needs. And because our architecture is NetApp to NetApp (nothing in between), there is no additional software layer which would take your data out of its native format. Our competitors can't say that.


If you wait for a compelling event it might be too late. Real scenarios that brought customers to Net2Vault include the annual threat of category 5 hurricanes approaching the coastline, a terrorist bomb going off on a sidewalk outside their data center, and tornadoes destroying farms across the Midwest. This may sound dramatic, but it happens. More commonly, experiencing a data loss due to carelessness or degraded tape, or needing to meet compliance standards (think HIPAA and PCI) is reason enough to contact us. With Net2Vault's technology, you eliminate worries about network viruses, hardware crashes, power outages and other day-to-day headaches that can inhibit your business productivity and profitability.

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